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Capitol & McKee (408) 258-0102
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    Do-it-Yourselfers Welcome
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    Very close to Hwy 680
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    Open Saturday & Sunday

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Appliance Parts

Oven Cooktop Range Microwave

Part NumberDescription
wc1x155 clip
wc1x160 spring leaf
wc1x167 nut bolt kit
wc1x10015 nut
wc1x10016 washer
wc1x5087 pin
wc2x45 steel ball
wc2x233 spring
wc2x315 brush kit
wc2x361 brushes
wc3x58 o-ring
wc3x67 gasket
wc3x85 hopper gasket
wc3x95 stopper gasket
wc5x50 snap ring
wc10x20 handle
wc11x39 twist top cam
wc11x40 stopper

311 N Capitol Ave Ste K
San Jose CA 95133-1943
Hwy 680 exit McKee Road (East)
Phone (408) 258-3990

Also open weekends Open Sundays

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